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Industrial Touch Monitor

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  • 17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

  • 17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

  • 17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

  • 17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

  • 17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor


*17-inch 5:4, 1280*1024, 350cd/㎡;

*Resistive touch screen;

*Ultra thin design, whole machine thickness 40mm;

*Front panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof;

*DC 12V power input;

*VGA display interface;

*Support embedded/ VESA mounted installation.

Product Features

*17-inch 5:4, 1280*1024 high resolution, A standard perfect LCD display;

*It supports power-on and uninterrupted operation around the clock, and the backlight can last for more than 50,000;

*Adopt industrial five-wire resistive touch screen, with good touch stability, high accuracy, not afraid of dust, water vapor, oil, etc., adapt to various harsh environments; 

*Ultra-thin design, the whole machine is only 40mm high, saving cabinet space;

*The whole machine is composed of aluminum alloy brushed panel and high-strength steel body, which has excellent characteristics such as strong shock resistance, pressure resistance, durability, etc., and is more suitable for use in harsh environments (the panel is optional or the whole machine is dustproof and waterproof);

*There are menu operation buttons on the back of the case, which is more convenient for users to adjust the use effect to the best state, and supports multi-language switching;

*DC 12V power input (optional 6-30V wide voltage), using phonix fastening power socket, more convenient for industrial field applications. 

*Equipped with a world-renowned brand "Huntkey" power adapter;

*Standard VGA display interface (HDMI, DVI, AV and other interfaces are optional);

*Operating system: compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Linux;

*Support embedded/ wall-mounted/ desktop installation.

Product Parameter

Structural parameters

Design Features

Power on, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, beautiful appearance

Structure material

Oxidized drawing aluminum alloy panel + high-strength steel alloy sheet metal box

Case color

Black (silver white is optional)

Overall size


Installation size

440*348mm (embedded);

75x75mm (VESA wall-mounted/standing)

Installation method

Support embedded, wall-mounted and standing

Power support

Fastening power terminal, DC 12V power input (6-30V wide voltage optional)


Display parameters


17 inch 5:4







Viewing angle


Touch parameter

Touch type

Resistive touch screen

Material and hardness

Material: ITO glass; surface hardness ≧3H

Click life

≧50 million times

Touch strength


Other parameters

Transmittance ≧75%; corresponding time: ≦10ms

Interface parameters

Display interface

VGA (optional HDMI, DVI interface)

Other interfaces

DC IN fastened power terminal (Phoenix terminal), USBB/RS232 touch interface (optional)

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

10~90%, no condensation


50~500Hz1.5G0.15mm peak-to-peak value



Shipping accessories


Power adapter + VGA cable + touch cable + touch screen driver CD + touch pen + embedded installation clip


12 months (longer warranty time optional) warranty

Product Drawing

17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

Product Application

17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor

OEM/ ODM Range

17 inch Industrial Touch Monitor