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  • 27 inch Industrial Monitor

  • 27 inch Industrial Monitor

  • 27 inch Industrial Monitor

  • 27 inch Industrial Monitor

27 inch Industrial Monitor


*27 inch 16:9, 1920*1080, 300cd/㎡;

*89/89/89/89 Full view angle;

*VGA* 1, HDMI*1, DVI*1;

*DC12V power input;

*Support embedded and VESA mount installation.

Product Features

*27 "16:9 widescreen, 1920*1080 high-resolution LED LCD;

*Support power on, 24x7 hours uninterrupted operation;

*Ultra-thin design, beautiful appearance, fashion generous, the machine size thickness is only 45mm, more save cabinet space;

*The whole machine is made of aluminum flat wire drawing panel and sheet metal steel structure with strong durability, high strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, impact resistance and vibration resistance (NEMA4/IP65 class waterproof and dustproof is optional);

*Phoenix terminal fastening power supply, DC 12V(optional 6-30V wide voltage input), to meet the industrial field application;

*OSD film button on the back shell (optional panel with button) to help users adjust the LCD screen to the optimal state of use, support multi-language switching function;

*Supports various installation modes, such as embedded, wall-mounted or standing installation;

*Shipping accessories: 12V 3A Huntkey adapter +AC GB power cord +VGA cable +HDMI cable.

Product Parameter

Structural parameters

Special performance

Dustproof, high temperature resistance, anti-interference, high stability (optional full IP65 grade)

Material structure

Aluminium oxide wire-drawing panel, high strength sheet metal case

Chassis color

Black (silver white is optional)

Design features

Power-on, all-weather uninterrupted operation, ultra-thin, beautiful, strong and durable

Menu button

Back shell with OSD film button, the LCD screen can be adjusted to the best state of use

Display parameters


27 inch 16:9




300cd/(optional other brightness



Viewing angle

89/89/89/89(Typ.)(CR≥10)(left/right/up/down) Full view

Interface parameters

Display interface

VGA* 1, HDMI*1, DVI*1

Other interface

DC INDC IN fastens the power terminal (Phoenix terminal) and the USB touch interface

Environmental parameters

Working temperature


Storage temperature



10~90%, no condensate drops


Appearance size


Install size

674*394mm (embedded installation);

75*75mm/100*100mm (VESA Wall-mounted Installation)

Power support

DC Power

DC 12V power input

Install method

Embedded, support wall - mounted, standing

Shipping accessory


12V5A huntkey adapter+AC power cord+VGA cable+HDMI cable


12 months (longer warranty is optional) warranty

Product Drawing

27 inch Industrial Monitor

Product Application

27 inch Industrial Monitor

OEM/ ODM Range

27 inch Industrial Monitor