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Rack Mounted Monitor

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  • 12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor

  • 12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor

  • 12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor

12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor


12.1 inch 4: 3, 1024x768, 300cd / ㎡, perfect A standard LCD screen;

Product Features

*12.1 inch 4: 3 screen, high resolution 1024 * 768, brightness up to 300cd / ㎡, perfect A standard LCD screen;

*Supports power on, uninterrupted operation around the clock, backlight life of more than 50,000 times;

*The installation size is designed according to the standard 19-inch network cabinet installation size;

*Using a new resistive touch screen + Taiwan EETI touch control card. Good touch stability, high accuracy, not afraid of dust, water vapor, oil pollution, etc., suitable for use in various harsh environments (optional 10-point capacitive touch screen);

*The whole machine is made of brushed aluminum alloy panel and high-strength steel body. It has strong characteristics such as strong shock resistance, pressure resistance and durability, and is more suitable for use in harsh environments. Dust and water);

*Chassis panel (optional rear shell) with menu operation buttons, it is more convenient for users to adjust the use effect to the best state, and supports multi-language switching;

*DC 12V power input (optional 9-36V wide voltage), using phonix fastening power socket, more convenient for industrial field applications. 

*With world-famous brand "HuntKey" power adapter;

*Multi-display input display interface, VGA + HDMI + DVI;

*Operating system: compatible with mainstream operating systems such as Windows and Linux;

Product Parameter

Host parameters

Design Features

Power on, corrosion resistance

Structural material

Oxidized brushed aluminum alloy panel + high-strength steel alloy sheet metal box

Chassis color

Silver white (optional machine black / industrial gray / silver white)

Overall size

480 * 265 * 40mm

Installation size

460x190mm (mounting installation size); 75x75mm / 100 * 100mm (VESA wall-mounted / standing type)

Installation method

Rack-mounted / rack-mounted installation, support wall-mounted installation

Power support

Fastened power terminal, DC DC 12V power input (optional 9-36V wide voltage)

Display parameters


12.1 inch 4: 3 screen (optional wide temperature LCD screen)


1024 * 768


300cd / (optional other brightness)


500: 1 (Typ.)

Angle of view

45/45/15/30 (Typ.) (CR≥10) (left / right / up / down);

Touch parameters

Touch type

Resistive touch screen (optional multi-point capacitive touch screen)

Material and hardness

Material: ITO glass; surface hardness ≧ 3H

Click / Life

  Touching strength 20g ~ 100g; life ≧ 50 million times

Other parameters

Light transmittance ≧ 75%; Response time: ≦ 10ms

Interface parameters

Display interface


Other interfaces

DC IN fastening power terminal (Phoenix terminal), USBB / RS232 touch interface (optional)

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature

0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

storage temperature

-10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Relative humidity

10 ~ 90%, no condensation

Vibration and shock

Vibration: 50 ~ 500Hz, 1.5G, 0.15mm peak-to-peak; Shock: 10G (11ms)

Shipping accessories


Power adapter + VGA cable + touch line + touch screen driver disc + touch pen + embedded installation clip


12 months (optional longer warranty) warranty

Product Drawing

12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor

Product Application

12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor

OEM/ ODM Range

12.1-inch Rack-mounted Touch Screen Monitor